Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Here is an interesting contrast. 'Sunrise on the Farm' from July and then this morning. I found the difference in sun angle to be quite noticeable.

Yesterday's post was created about 2 hours into the snowstorm. It kept snowing until sometime into the wee hours of this morning. By last evening the wind picked up and it is still blowing pretty good. Therefore we had quite a bit of drifting so it is a little difficult to tell just how much snow we received. I found a spot that seemed pretty sheltered and measured 9.5 inches. That is about what the final forecasts for our area thought we might get, so that is probably a pretty close estimate.

In some places near the house and cars, the drifts piled up to a foot and a half or more.

Below are several more pictures from this morning.

Looking North up the highway this morning

Looking South

Even when there is just a dusting of snow, the chickens don't like to walk in it. So this morning, they were really not interested in coming out. Today is the first time in my life that I have had to shovel out a path in the snow for chickens before I shoveled my own sidewalk. I shoveled out a path for them to get from their roost house to the nest house and from the roost house to the feeder stand. I think once they get hungry enough, they will venture out.

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