Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow on the Farm

It is hard to believe my last post was all the way back in July. The time sure has flown by since then. In that last post I wrote about unusual weather that we were experiencing that day. Today's post will also describe some unusual weather, at least for this particular winter.

Snow is not an unusual occurence in Southwest Virginia during the winter, but it has been this year. So far this winter we have had very few measurable snowfalls, and I don't think any have amounted to more than an inch. Most have been dustings of snow, sleet, or the occasional bout of freezing rain.

So here it is March 1st, the first day of meteorological Spring, and we are finally receiving our first good snow for the season. It started snowing about 1:30 this afternoon and is projected to keep snowing until tomorrow morning. Here are a few pictures from the first couple hours of this event.

We live right along a major US Highway and the state transportation department does a very good job of keeping it maintained in wintry conditions. However today's snowfall was accumulating so rapidly that the plows were having a difficult time keeping pace. Here is a shot looking north up the highway about 15 minutes after the plow had come through.

Looking south

The snow is accumulating on the cars, which were clear two hours ago.

The traffic is crawling by right now

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