Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Hunter

Over this past weekend our son celebrated his tenth birthday. Among the many wonderful gifts that he received was his first firearm, a .22 caliber rifle. When he was about seven, he learned to shoot a BB gun. At about eight and a half, he moved up to a pellet gun. He has enjoyed shooting both of these guns for target practice, but has yearned for an actual firearm. So for his birthday and accompanied by numerous stipulations for its use, he is now the proud owner of a .22 caliber rifle. For now, he will shoot his new weapon under very close parental supervision. However in the long term picture his love for shooting can be quite beneficial to a farm operation like ours through the elimination of destructive varmints such as ground hogs, racoons, and squirrels. Anyway I am getting ahead of myself because that is a few years down the road.

The following is my first ever YouTube video upload showing our son describing the use of his new firearm:

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