Monday, April 14, 2008

April (Snow) Showers bring....

Remember the old saying that 'April showers bring May flowers'? That one came to mind today as I watched intermittent snow showers pass through the farm today. I don't think that is the type of shower that the inventor of that saying had in mind, but we are not going to complain as we will take all the moisture we can get. The temperature just made it to 40 this afternoon and it is supposed to get below freezing tonight. Hopefully the overnight cold will not damage any of the blooms or garden plants that are starting to poke through the surface of the soil. By Wednesday and into Thursday this little cold snap is scheduled to pass with a return to spring-like temperatures. The little chicks in the brooder seem to be managing fine. It is a little colder in their brooder than I would like, but they all have a pretty good layer of feathers developing on their wings and backs, so individually they can handle the cold better. They are also all getting larger in size, so that when they huddle together to sleep, they have more collective body warmth to share. I tried to capture a picture today showing streaks of snow in the air, but it is pretty tough to tell from this shot. It does give an idea of the gray sky and overall raw feeling that we experienced all day today. That color provides quite a contrast to the bright green colors that are enveloping the local hay fields.

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