Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spreading Manure

What should I name my blog? Why should coming up with a decent, and hopefully catchy, blog name prevent me from starting a new blog to write about things going on in my life? Doing my farm chores today finally gave me an answer to both of these questions. On our farm here in Floyd County, Virginia, we have a 1400 pound draft mule called "Little Girl". On a daily basis, she produces a wheelbarrow-full, probably about 40 pounds worth, of manure. Part of my daily routine is to shovel that manure from her paddock and from the pasture in which she grazes into my wheelbarrow to be transported to a very large compost pile. After her manure has been collected for a while, it is destined for one of two spots. The highly composted manure will get spread out and worked into the garden plots on our farm, during the off-season of course, to enrich the soil for the next season's plantings. In another section of the compost pile, the manure is not heaped as high so that it tends to dry out. Every few weeks or so, the manure from this section of the compost pile will get loaded into a manure spreader for application onto recently grazed pasture. In both cases, the mule manure provides natural fertilizer for our farm. This afternoon I was tasked with spreading manure on recently grazed pasture and realized that my present activity provided a representative blog name. Spreading manure is what we do on this farm to naturally fertilize the land, but it would also naturally reflect any words I would publish into a blog. So thanks to our big draft mule named "Little Girl" and the chores revolving around her upkeep, this evening concludes a month's worth of questioning and commences my blog to reflect upon the events in and around life on our farm in Southwest Virginia.

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